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  1. Trump's Asia tour more style than substance: Analysts

  2. Commentary: The TPP deal that almost wasn’t

    It’s important to keep the flame for global trade agreements and liberalisation alive, yet Canada almost scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership ...
  3. China's Xi vows to 'open wider' while defending jobs

    President Xi Jinping vowed to further free up China's economy, again urging Asian countries to work closely together in a speech at the Asia ...
  4. Asia-Pacific leaders say to fight 'unfair trade' in nod to Trump

  5. Trump and Xi to set out competing trade visions at APEC

    President Donald Trump is likely to wield his "America First" doctrine when he address CEOs ahead of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ...
  6. Duterte laments SE Asia brain drain due to globalisation