Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

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  1. China's President Xi Jinping arrives to speak on the final day of the APEC CEO Summit ahead of

    China's Xi vows to 'open wider' while defending jobs

    President Xi Jinping vowed to further free up China's economy, again urging Asian countries to work closely together in a speech at the Asia ...
  2. asean venue

    Commentary: After the ASEAN Summit, ASEAN should pay more attention to the North Korea threat

    Two experts argue that doing so will show ASEAN's relevance to the US.
  3. MM - Dr Maliki with Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs

    Fight against terrorism, food security among topics discussed at AMM

    During the APEC Ministerial Meeting in Manila, Dr Maliki expressed condemnation for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and called for those ...
  4. Manila skyline - patrol

    Philippines to host APEC leaders' summit after two decades

    This year, under the theme of “Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World”, Manila is pushing for inclusive growth, highlighting the ...