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  1. A relative of a patient catching a fish inside a waterlogged hospital ward at Nalanda Medical

    Heavy rain floods critical care unit at Indian hospital

  2. Bihar floods

    Monsoon floods kill 514 in India's eastern state

  3. Asia floods

    At least 700 killed in South Asia floods

  4. Asia Default Image

    25 found dead as toll from Indian floods nears 120

  5. India floods

    Seven killed as India floods death toll rises to 83

  6. India minister urinating

    India's agriculture minister mocked for urinating in public

  7. Indian lychee vendor

    Children in India killed by mystery illness linked to eating unripe lychees

    A mystery illness that affects hundreds of children a year in northern India is caused by eating unripe lychee fruits on an empty stomach, ...
  8. Varanasi

    Flooding in Indian holy city halts cremations

    More than 100,000 people have been forced from their homes in recent days in northern Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring Bihar states as rain-swollen ...
  9. India rhino

    India appeals for help for baby rhinos rescued in floods

    Indian wildlife officers appealed on Tuesday (Aug 2) for help in caring for eight rare baby rhinos feared orphaned by recent deadly floods in the ...
  10. Asia Default Image

    500 liquor shops shut as Indian state goes dry

    The stores were ordered closed in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu after its newly re-elected government pledged to ban alcohol to curb ...