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  1. The group -- five Britons, two Canadians, a Norwegian, a New Zealander and a Dutch national -- was

    Cambodia jails Briton for 'unintentionally' producing pornography

  2. Cambodian leader Hun Sen had reportedly threatened to 'beat' anyone in Australia who

    Protestors stand up to Cambodia's Hun Sen in Australia

    Hundreds of Cambodian-Australians gathered in Sydney Friday to protest the visit of Cambodian leader Hun Sen who is accused of overseeing ...
  3. Japanese artist Fuyuki Shimazu, who travels the globe looking for cardboard to turn into items such

    From trash to treasure for globe-trotting Japanese cardboard artist

    The saying “one man's trash is another man's treasure” has been the mantra motivating Japanese artist Fuyuki Shimazu to go on a global dumpster ...
  4. Decades of civil war left Cambodia as one of the most heavily bombed and heavily mined countries in

    Australian, Cambodian trainers die in demining accident

    An Australian and a Cambodian were killed Thursday when war-era ordnance exploded during a demining training exercise in southern Cambodia, police ...
  5. Daniel Jones (L) was among 10 foreigners arrested in January after police raided their pool party at

    Briton apologises in Cambodia 'pornographic party' trial

    A British expat facing up to a year in Cambodian prison for promoting a pool party with images deemed "pornographic" apologised during a court ...
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    Two Australians among victims of Cambodia landmine blast