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  1. Changi Airport runway pix

    Changi voted World's Best Airport for 6th consecutive year

  2. Changi Airport runway pix

    Commentary: Funding Changi Airport Terminal 5? Look at Hong Kong, Incheon airports' expansion

    Changi Airport’s regional competitors offer a glimpse into alternative sources of funding, says one observer.
  3. jetstar

    Jetstar sees changes to flights as Singapore airport fees rise

  4. Suitcase broken into flying from Bali to Singapore

    Singapore Airlines to 'offer assistance' to passenger whose bag got broken into

    Musician Katei Chang found that his bag had been broken into after he retrieved it at baggage claim at Changi Airport, after arriving from Bali.
  5. RTS 1 (use from Jan 16, 12.30PM)

    Commentary: Borrowing plan for infrastructure projects expands Govt’s fiscal envelope

    The Singapore Government's plan to provide guarantees for long-term borrowings for some infrastructure projects will also lower the cost of ...
  6. Changi Airport runway pix

    International Air Transport Association 'disappointed' with new Changi Airport passenger levy

  7. LA changi T5 13

    Changi Airport passengers to pay new levy to fund developments including T5