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  1. Chew Eng Han boat

    2 men jailed for helping Chew Eng Han flee Singapore by boat

  2. Chew Eng Han boat

    Malaysian man arrested for role in Chew Eng Han's escape bid

  3. shanmugam parly

    3 directors serving time for criminal breach of trust unaffected by landmark City Harvest ruling

    They were convicted and sentenced before the interpretation of section 409 of the Penal Code was changed last year, says Law Minister K Shanmugam.
  4. city harvest church chew eng han attempts to flee

    Commentary: Think the law is unfair? Speak up and make your voice count

    We have views on what is fair, what isn’t and how victims in society should be protected and perpetrators be dealt with – so we should provide ...
  5. Malaysian man accused of helping Chew Eng Han brought back to scene 3

    Chew Eng Han allegedly paid Malaysian man thousands of dollars to help him flee

    Khoo Kea Leng was taken back to the Marine Drive car park on Tuesday. He was allegedly paid thousands of dollars by Chew Eng Han to help him flee ...