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  1. China praised US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for "creating a new

    Commentary: How to turn the Trump-Kim summit ambiguity into certainty

    US-North Korea relations have come a long way but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's goal is to turn the Singapore summit's ambiguity into concrete ...
  2. US migrants

    US lawmakers, first lady call for end to migrant family separations

  3. Optimists say that with mineral wealth, cheap labour, and a helpful geographical location, the North

    Invest in North Korea: Money pit or golden opportunity?

    Donald Trump dangled the carrot of foreign investment in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at their nuclear summit, but analysts say few ...
  4. South Korean marines take part in a U.S.-South Korea joint landing operation drill as a part of the

    South Korea, US to announce suspension of major military drills this week: Report

    South Korea and the United States are expected to announce the suspension of "large-scale" military drills this week, with the provision that they ...
  5. US President Donald Trump is at the center of a firestorm about illegal immigration, with his

    Trump quip about North Korea's Kim sparks outcry on social media

  6. US soybeans, sorghum, oranges, pork, poultry and beef are listed among the $34 billion in goods

    US, China firms brace for escalating trade war

    Companies and trade groups in the US and China have expressed concern over how the escalating trade spat between the world's two biggest economies ...
  7. Gim Joo Hyung

    They invited me to Pyongyang to thank me for translating, says Korean-Singaporean NSman

    NSmen Gim Joo Hyung and Terrence Lee and ICA officer Reshma Nair were among the thousands of people activated from the military and civil service ...
  8. At one point Trump described migration as a big problem for Europe then said to Abe: "Shinzo,

    Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: Report

    Donald Trump threatened Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe he would ship 25 million Mexicans to his country, one of a series of bizarre missives ...
  9. Critics of a Trump administration policy that separates children from their parents

    Nearly 2,000 minors split from parents at border in six weeks: US