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  1. Lego builds foundations in China classrooms as old markets slow

  2. Gaming the P1 registration system: Plugging gaps could result in a system bordering ‘on the absurd’

    Catching a parent for lying about their address could be tough, former teachers tell Channel NewsAsia. And the fact that parents are willing to ...
  3. Commentary: The hidden value of learning how to code

    Coding is fast gaining popularity as one of the key enrichment activities parents send their kids for. An expert from the Singapore Management ...
  4. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

    A former student at a Florida high school opened fire in the school on Wednesday, causing "numerous fatalities" and wounding at least 14 people ...
  5. A-Level results to be released on Feb 23

  6. Five killed, including gunman, in shooting spree in Kentucky: Police

  7. Two O-Level subjects revamped to have a more local focus