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  1. Man in park near HDB flats

    Commentary: Direct interventions, not just social mixing, needed to narrow housing inequality

    The current concern for better social mixing stems from recognition that there are two housing regimes – public renting and ownership – which ...
  2. Singapore home renovation contractors HDB

    Commentary: An over-emphasis on home ownership can come at a cost to society. Time for a review of public housing policy

    Singapore’s housing policy started out with the aim of providing basic, comfortable and safe housing security for Singaporeans. Over the decades, ...
  3. HDB Old Flat Blue Sky

    The Big Read: No easy answers to HDB lease decay issue, but public mindset has to change first

    The idea that a HDB flat is both a home and asset that provides homeowners with an important form of retirement security has brushed up against ...
  4. HDB flats and private property

    The Big Read: Social stratification — a poison seeping into Singapore’s housing estates and schools

    A new phrase has entered the lexicon in the unfinished business of tackling inequality - social stratification, even as housing, education and ...
  5. HDB BTO Kim Keat Beacon

    HDB launches almost 7,000 new flats in May sales exercise

  6. FILE PHOTO - Potential buyers look at models of a new public housing estate to be constructed in Si

    Housing and urban plans must be inclusive and resilient: Lawrence Wong

    This includes ensuring that HDB towns have a balanced mix of residents across type of developments, and having common spaces where residents of ...
  7. hdb flats (2)

    There is still value in older HDB flats: Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong