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  1. All remaining 7 ex-HUDCs have started en bloc process

  2. Residential en bloc market picking up steam, but developers cautious: Analysts

    Singapore's residential en bloc market is picking up steam, with this year's deals already exceeding the combined value of last year's en bloc ...
  3. Former HUDC estate Serangoon Ville up for en bloc sale

    Each unit is expected to receive between S$1.6 million and S$1.7 million from the sale.
  4. Rio Casa sold for S$575m in en bloc deal

  5. Residential en bloc market poised to pick up: Analysts

    Last year saw strong en bloc sales with deals totaling more than S$1 billion, up from S$380 million in 2015 and market watchers say the uptrend ...
  6. Former Hougang HUDC estate Rio Casa up for en bloc sale

    Each unit is expected to get in excess of S$1.5 million, according to Knight Frank Singapore, the marketing agent for the development.