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  1. 3-day raid in Geylang leads to 60 arrests

  2. Younger ones should give more blood, says rare type donor

  3. ‘Convenience at a risk’: When buying cosmetics online turns ugly

    Authorities advise discretion in the face of “widespread circulation” online of cosmetic products - which, contaminated or otherwise, are in fact ...
  4. HSA suspends licenses of 9 retailers for selling tobacco products to minors

    All nine sellers did not ask for any form of identification to check the buyers’ ages, claiming they were either busy or that the minors looked ...
  5. HSA issues alert on product that contains undeclared potent ingredients

    A consumer developed diabetes and serious steroid-induced side effects after taking the product called PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaeh Serata ...
  6. 87 arrested in Geylang for selling contraband, vice

    The suspects were arrested for various offences such as peddling contraband cigarettes, selling illegal sexual enhancement drugs and vice.
  7. Painkillers ibuprofen, diclofenac increase risk of heart attack, scientists warn

    Ibuprofen could increase the likelihood of cardiac arrest by 31 per cent, and diclofenac raised the risk by 50 per cent, the researchers said.