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  1. Personal data on Vietnamese Facebook and Google users is currently stored in Hong Kong and Singapore

    Commentary: When machines make decisions on our behalf, fears of redundancy, new questions emerge

    A new council has been set up to advise the Singapore Government on the ethical use of AI and data but the challenges are far more wide-ranging, ...
  2. World's top Go player Lee Sedol puts the first stone against Google's artificial intellig

    New council to advise Singapore Government on ethical use of AI, data

    The council will be headed by former attorney-general V K Rajah, and is part of three related initiatives to drive awareness and understand the ...
  3. Blupost Singpost lockers

    Common parcel locker system to be piloted in Bukit Panjang, Punggol in October

    A one-year nationwide common parcel system will be piloted in Bukit Panjang and Punggol in October this year to provide consumers with more ...
  4. Dex, PwC, IMDA briefing on data marketplace

    New blockchain-based marketplace hopes to unlock value of data, with IMDA's blessings

    However, the model proposed by Singapore tech start-up Dex and PwC will not be the only project IMDA supports, says Mr Yeong Zee Kin, assistant ...
  5. Eligible households can redeem a free antenna and set-top box

    400,000 HDB households eligible for free digital TV starter kits

  6. yaacob

    Changes to Films Act extending IMDA’s powers passed in Parliament

    New sections will address gaps in enforcement powers, said  Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim
  7. New Content Item

    Proposed changes to Films Act tabled in Parliament

    One of the proposed changes include expanding IMDA officers’ investigation and enhancement powers.
  8. file photo phone woman 4

    New mechanism proposed to resolve consumer disputes with telcos, pay TV operators

    IMDA proposes to require all telecommunications and subscription TV service providers that have direct billing relationship with consumers to ...