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  1. Novel Baswedan in hospital

    Singapore doctor offers to waive surgery costs for injured Indonesian graft investigator

    The doctor, who was identified only as Dr Tan, made the offer when he learnt that Novel Baswedan was a graft investigator.
  2. Indonesia drugs

    Indonesia wages war on drugs but cuts funding for rehabilitation

    While raids, arrests and punishments pick up in Indonesia, state funding for rehabilitation, that weans people off drugs and cuts demand, is ...
  3. New Content Item

    Indonesia's most wanted terrorist killed: Police

    Santoso, whose real name is Abu Wardah, publicly supports the ISIS terrorist group. He has been on the run for three years and is believed to be ...
  4. New Content Item

    Indonesia's President Widodo wants his ministers to stop bickering in public

    President Joko Widodo’s unhappiness at his ministers seemingly "attacking each other in public" was conveyed by his spokesman, according to local ...