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  1. ly LTA seizes 120 deregistered vehicles

    LTA seizes 120 deregistered vehicles in sting operation

  2. lta fixed road

    Cracks along Adam Road caused by water which had 'accumulated at the roadside': LTA

  3. Road crack on Adam Road

    Cracks on Adam Road cause 'massive' traffic jams

  4. BPLRT May 19, 1

    Passengers walk on tracks after train fault on Bukit Panjang LRT

  5. Wimbledon

    LTA aims to double women taking up tennis coaching roles

    The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) wants to double the number of women tennis coaches in Britain to 1,600 in the next five years and their ...
  6. motorcycle ban 1

    ‘Plain injustice’: Biker groups aggrieved by NEA ban on older motorcycles from mid-2028

    They say the ban will push rare, vintage bikes into oblivion.
  7. LRT file photo 4

    Reliability on Bukit Panjang LRT to 'improve significantly', but works won't solve bumpiness issues

    One of the main renewal features on the BPLRT Line is the installation of the new Communications-Based Train Control System, which will support ...
  8. Personal Mobility Devices 6

    E-scooter community disagrees on effectiveness of new measures to curb errant riding

    Riders and dealers say the weight and speed restrictions won't sit well with big-sized users and food deliverymen.
  9. New Content Item

    LTA president steps aside pending investigation of 2004 assault case