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  1. New scheme to help companies bring in foreign trainers to increase expertise

  2. Re-employment scheme making good progress: Sam Tan

  3. Unemployment could rise further: Lim Swee Say

  4. Panasonic shifts HQ for refrigeration compressor business to Singapore

    Panasonic will also upgrade its R&D centre in Singapore, where it will take on a global leadership role and spearhead research for new productions ...
  5. UK firm Ingeus to help unemployed professionals get back to work

    It is one of two overseas career matching providers that will help eligible jobseekers with customised career advice and coaching sessions in a ...
  6. Manpower Ministry looking into enabling women to play bigger role in society

    While women have made significant strides in the past decades, many members of parliament agreed that more has to be done for them.
  7. Faster resolution of salary-related claims with new State Courts tribunal

    The new Employment Claims Tribunals to be launched on Apr 1 will see statutory salary-related claims from employees heard at the State Courts ...
  8. Action taken against around 50 firms after failing to give locals a fair chance when recruiting

    More than 500 Employment Pass applications from these employers have either been rejected by MOM or withdrawn by companies, says Manpower Minister ...