May Day

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  1. Better insurance coverage for foreign domestic workers from October

  2. Singapore's unemployment rate: How much higher could it rise?

    Though low by international standards, Singapore’s jobless rate could increase further as the economy wrestles with similar pressures seen in ...
  3. Venezuela's Maduro calls for new constitution

  4. Police fire tear gas, detain 165 after May Day protests in Istanbul

  5. PM Lee accepts invite from Trump to visit White House

    Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says he hopes to make the trip some time this year.
  6. Hard work needed to sustain growth amid mixed outlook: PM Lee

    Even as Singapore's total employment expands, it is also seeing more retrenchments, and unemployment is creeping up, Mr Lee noted in his May Day ...
  7. Unemployment could rise further: Lim Swee Say

  8. Oil prices fall further from 2016 peak

    Worries about excess oil supply and uncertain demand combined on Monday to push oil prices lower for a second straight session.
  9. Stronger support for companies, workers to adapt to the future economy: Lim Swee Say

    In his May Day message, the Manpower Minister urged companies to prioritise employees and called on unions to rally workers to upgrade and re-learn.
  10. 15,000 foreign workers attend May Day celebrations across Singapore

    Held at four recreation centres across the island, the May Day celebration was a way to show warmth and appreciation to migrant workers, and to ...