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  1. car park school

    Schools will not have parking gantries; season parking decals will be given instead: MOE

    MOE says schools will be the ones ensuring season parking holders and visitors “keep to their designated parking lots” through season parking decals.
  2. car park school

    Commentary: Is free parking really the answer to teachers’ woes?

    The response from netizens shows Singaporeans appreciate that our teachers are deserving of recognition and rewards for their hard work – a larger ...
  3. car park school

    Teachers to pay for parking in schools from August

  4. MOE Special Needs

    More support for Allied Educators to meet growing number of special needs students

  5. primary school students

    Gaming the P1 registration system: Plugging gaps could result in a system bordering ‘on the absurd’

    Catching a parent for lying about their address could be tough, former teachers tell Channel NewsAsia. And the fact that parents are willing to ...
  6. preschool teachers

    Retired teachers can be 'good source of supply' to increase pool of mother tongue pre-school teachers: MOE

    Speaking in Parliament, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education Low Yen Ling said that currently, six in 10 mother tongue language teachers ...
  7. primary school students

    Commentary: Many pathways to success, GEP is but one

    Why do so many parents strive to get their kids into the gifted programme? June Yong discusses the opportunities a gifted programme offers students.
  8. Singapore Ministry of Education

    61 schools to get new principals