Ong Ye Kung

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  1. Jurong grassroots 1

    More ministers hit the ground at constituency visit

  2. Ong Ye Kung

    Lift the bottom, not cap the top: Minister Ong Ye Kung outlines key principles on education system

    In a wide-ranging speech outlining the key principles of the education system, Mr Ong also explained why some "sacred cows" are not being slaughtered.
  3. Ong Ye Kung on technology as a leveller

    Efforts to tackle widening class divide must continue, says Ong Ye Kung

  4. Singapore came on top in the latest PISA survey that measures skills among high school

    Commentary: Scrap PSLE? The Singapore education system is not a free lunch

    We expect a lot from our education system but our discussions to shape its evolution must also consider and clarify the trade-offs, says one young ...
  5. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Commentary: Is academic competition really necessary to be the best than we can be?

    Our education system has to reward more than just examination prowess. As individuals, we too need to learn to do the same or risk losing valuable ...
  6. Reichie Chng Teck Kian

    Former grassroots volunteer jailed 8 years for using Ong Ye Kung’s name to cheat victims

    To make his phony investment scheme appear more legitimate, Reichie Chng Teck Kiam created fake WhatsApp conversations that were supposedly ...