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  1. e-scooter damage

    E-scooter falls onto van, cracking windscreen

  2. PMD 2

    Stiffer fines from Jan 15 for PMD users caught riding on roads

  3. pmd1

    More than 480 personal mobility devices seized in 2017: LTA

  4. e-scooter public transport singapore

    E-scooter sharing services to launch in one-north

  5. PMD impounded

    PMDs impounded after enforcement operations conducted in February: LTA

    More than 100 enforcement operations were conducted in the first two weeks of February, LTA says.
  6. Shane Boey on a hoverboard sold by his company Dowhileloop

    Reckless users of personal mobility devices to face fines, jail time

    There are also stiffer penalties for illegal device modification under the new legislation.
  7. foldable bike on train

    Foldable bicycles, PMDs allowed on public transport from Dec 1 as part of 6-month trial

    The devices, however, have to be within the size criteria of 120cm x 70cm x 40cm.
  8. e-scooter file

    Errant riders are a few black sheep, says embattled e-scooter community

    Singapore’s under-fire electric scooter enthusiasts call for strict penalties to be handed out to the few “reckless” users hogging the headlines, ...
  9. Active Mobility Enforcement Officers

    First team of Active Mobility Enforcement Officers deployed

    Dressed in bright yellow shirts and black bermuda pants, the officers work to deter reckless behaviour on bicycles and personal mobility devices.