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  1. China nursing fire 2015 henan

    China jails 21 people for 2015 nursing home fire: Report

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    With new plan, Swiss pin anti-extremism hopes on prevention

  3. FILE PHOTO: A commemorative issue of People magazine is seen on a newstand in New York

    Meredith to buy US publisher Time in Koch-backed deal

    U.S. media company Meredith Corp said on Sunday it will buy Time Inc, the publisher of People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazines, in a ...
  4. UNHCR Grandi attends a news conference at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo

    UN urges Japan to resettle more refugees after taking just three in first half

    The U.N. refugee agency has urged Japan to resettle more asylum seekers, its chief said on Monday, pressuring the country to help solve a global ...
  5. Easter Island is most famous for its Moais -- stone statues of the Rapa Nui culture

    Mystery surrounding ancient Easter Island people deepens

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    14 people shot dead at Mexican drug rehab centre

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    US suicide attempts up most among younger adults, less educated

  8. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer talks to migrants

    Canada deported hundreds to war-torn countries: Government data

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    Britain 'going backwards' on rights of disabled, says UN committee

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    Eight people missing after Swiss landslide - police