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  1. child parent holding hands

    Commentary: Learning to let go as a parent of a Primary 1 child

    Three weeks into her child's primary school education, mother of three June Yong discusses what is arguably the most difficult task for a parent ...
  2. children MOE kindergarten

    ‘Sufficient access’ for children not in MOE kindergarten to enter co-located primary school: Ng Chee Meng

    The Minister for Education (Schools) said this in Parliament, following a pilot scheme where children in MOE kindergartens get priority for ...
  3. children MOE kindergarten

    Parents express concern, joy over move that gives MOE kindergarten kids 'unexpected advantage'

    Some parents questioned the timing of the change in policy, which will coincide with a potentially larger cohort of Dragon Year babies entering ...
  4. primary school students

    Children in MOE kindergartens to get priority in entering co-located primary schools

    They will be eligible for admission under Phase 2A2 during the 2018 Primary 1 registration exercise.
  5. children eating at MOE kindergarten

    All Early Years Centres to be within 1km of an MOE kindergarten

    This will make it more convenient for parents and grandparents ferrying kids around, says PCF’s CEO Victor Bay in a Talking Point discussion on ...
  6. Back to school 2016 (5)

    Choosing a primary school: What some parents think

    Online tools making use of publicly available data are becoming increasingly popular for parents who want to monitor their balloting chances in ...
  7. primary school students

    How to register your child for Primary 1 in 2018

    Children born between Jan 2, 2011 and Jan 1, 2012 (both dates inclusive) have to be registered at this year's P1 Registration Exercise for ...