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  1. Arab alliance - Yemen 1 million cholera cases report exaggerated

  2. Red Cross says life has stopped in Myanmar's Rakhine

    Life has stopped in its tracks in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state where an estimated 180,000 Rohingya remain, fearful after violence drove ...
  3. UN seeking to evacuate aid workers from Yemen - sources tell Reuters

    The United Nations is trying to evacuate at least 140 aid workers from the Yemeni capital amid fighting that has cut off the airport road but it ...
  4. Red Cross says buying fuel to provide clean water in Yemen

  5. About 2.5 million Yemenis now lack access to clean water - Red Cross

  6. Driven by fear, Rohingyas keep fleeing Myanmar: Red Cross official

    The thousands of Rohingya Muslims thronging the desolate beach had no food or water, except what the Red Cross gives them, and there was no ...
  7. Red Cross says has access to Islamic State families held near Mosul