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  1. e-scooter file

    6 e-scooter suppliers found with unregistered charging adaptors

  2. SG Vehicles

    SPRING Singapore to initiate legal action against car retailer SG Vehicles

  3. people in orchard road

    Feedback wanted on proposed changes to product safety regulations

    Members of the public can share their views on these proposed changes from Monday until Sep 13.
  4. SPRING employees

    Former SPRING Singapore employees jailed for fraud

  5. gavel file 3

    Former SPRING Singapore employees convicted of fraud

    Soh Hua Xiang cheated his former employer SPRING Singapore to "highlight the loopholes" in SPRING's system, his lawyer said, adding that his lover ...
  6. google's new singapore office

    Google aims to train 1,000 Singaporean business leaders by 2019

    Google is joining forces with agencies like SPRING Singapore and IMDA to launch a digital leadership and marketing programme.
  7. New Content Item

    Corruption complaints and cases investigated by CPIB at record low

    The number of corruption complaints and cases investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau hit a new low in 2016, according to ...
  8. manufacturing aircraft component

    3D technologies set to up aerospace companies' competitive edge

    3D printing will complement the growth of the aerospace industry by helping to lower manufacturing costs and allowing greater flexibility in ...
  9. sim ann (2)

    More companies tapping on support of SME Centres: Sim Ann

    The 12 SME Centres across Singapore engaged about 30,600 companies last year, according to the latest numbers from trade agency SPRING Singapore.
  10. New Content Item

    New standards to address digital design, infrastructure for seniors

    Two initiatives launched by SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Standards Council aim to support active ageing in Singapore.