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  1. Singapore police looking into Goldman's role in 1MDB deals: Report

    Singaporean prosecutors and police are looking at Goldman Sachs Group's relationship with the Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB, Bloomberg ...
  2. Commentary: What's wrong with 'Made in Singapore'?

    Why do we only support local brands and stars after they make it overseas? Channel NewsAsia's Bharati Jagdish suggests Singaporeans need to ...
  3. Singaporean dies after being hit by car in Johor Baru

  4. ‘Now I don’t have to explain where I live anymore’: A Singaporean in Guam

    The missile threat from North Korea has been a “non-event” for the Guam people, says Singaporean Marc Toh, who is based in the tropical island.
  5. Every Singaporean plays role in fighting corruption: PM Lee

  6. Commentary: Singapore Airlines’ relevance is more than an economic question

    SIA may have seen some tough times but it contributes to Singapore in more ways than the revenue it generates, argues two researchers.
  7. Singaporean company mm2 Entertainment inks deal with Turner Asia Pacific

    Both Turner and mm2 will be making a multi-million investment in five films over three years