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  1. Commentary: Budget 2018's pervasive innovation vision needs more success stories

    More stories from innovation torchbearers are needed to show firms competing in traditional sectors can disrupt market rules that seem to be cast ...
  2. Commentary: Reclaiming control over diabetes, one device at a time

    We can win this war on diabetes and manage its daily struggles with stronger resolve and a nudge from technology, argues Diabetic Society of ...
  3. Commentary: How do we know when we've become a Smart Nation?

    Becoming a Smart Nation is not just about going digital, but transforming your state of mind, says the president of HP, Asia Pacific and Japan.
  4. More women needed in science, technology sectors: Josephine Teo

  5. Security questions addressed as data sharing law among public agencies comes into play

    The Public Sector (Governance) Bill sets out the parameters for data to be shared within the Government, and who is responsible for securing the ...
  6. Singapore is already a smart nation, GovTech minister says

  7. Initiative launched to help Singapore businesses connect with Chinese tech companies