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  1. Susan Huang, official calligrapher of Vice President Chen Chien-jen, says the art helps cultivate

    Character building: Taiwan's presidential calligraphers

  2. FILE PHOTO: A visitor uses her iPhone X to take a photo of Apple Park t-shirts at the new Apple Vis

    Apple developing own screens using next-generation MicroLED tech: Bloomberg

    Apple Inc is developing its own MicroLED device displays and has made small numbers of the screens for testing, Bloomberg reported, in a move that ...
  3. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the Taiwan Travel Act bill's clauses

    China urges US to 'correct mistake' on Taiwan

  4. US President Donald Trump, boarding Air Force One for a flight to California, says he is "very,

    Trump approves official travel to Taiwan

    President Donald Trump signed off Friday on new rules allowing top level US officials to travel to Taiwan to meet their Taipei counterparts, a ...
  5. TP Taipei Metro 9

    How Taipei Metro turned itself around – and the lessons for Singapore's MRT system

    It suffered a spate of delays, then became one of the world's most reliable subway systems. Talking Point travelled to Taipei to find out how the ...
  6. Taiwan nanny abuse

    Taiwan to revoke licence of nanny caught slapping baby

  7. Le Palais 1

    Taipei restaurant Le Palais wins 3 Michelin stars

    The first-ever Michelin Guide Taipei was released on Wednesday (Mar 14), in which 20 restaurants in Taipei have been awarded Michelin stars.