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  1. Thai activists in Pinocchio masks call country's leader 'liar'

    Hundreds of pro-democracy activists in Thailand wore cartoon masks portraying the country's leader with a long nose on Saturday, calling him a ...
  2. Thai government under pressure to tackle pollution 'crisis'

  3. Greenpeace appeals to Thai PM to tackle air pollution 'crisis'

    Environment group Greenpeace on Thursday called on Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to tackle an air pollution "crisis" in Bangkok, weeks ...
  4. Taiwan looks south for Muslim tourist dollars

    From halal fried chicken to hot springs hotels with prayer facilities, Taiwan is adapting its traditional tourist draws to woo Muslim visitors as ...
  5. New Bangkok-Pattaya train service to make day trips possible

  6. Medals not the only valuable Olympic memories

    Inside the Pyeongchang venues the world's finest winter sports athletes battle it out for medals, but outside the atmosphere is friendlier as ...
  7. Marines drink cobra blood in US-Thai war drills

  8. Portrait of Thai royal insult exile sold to help activists

  9. 60 Thai policemen under probe for receiving hongbao