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  1. At King Power's downtown Bangkok mall most staff were tight-lipped, a sign of the

    Rivals circle King Power's Thai duty-free monopoly

  2. Princess Ubolratana-Thaksin

    Commentary: Did the King not know? Explaining a Thai royal’s aborted electoral debut

    It seems inconceivable the King did not give the green light to Ubolratana’s nomination, says the University of Queensland's Patrick Jory.
  3. Now in its 38th year, Cobra Gold is one of the largest military exercises in Asia, bringing

    Amphibious assault craft take beach in US-Thai war drills

    With weapons drawn camouflaged troops leapt out of amphibious assault craft while explosions sounded and parachutists glided in from above as the ...
  4. Kaeomanee Arjaw, (C), is escorted by her daughter (2nd R) and Thai Immigration Police

    Lost in China: Thai with dementia returns home after 640km detour

  5. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha showed he still holds the reins after a week of drama in Thai

    Prayut's bid for PM intact after whirlwind week in Thai politics

    Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha's grip on power was tossed into doubt by the political cameo of a princess, but a week later his ambitions ...
  6. Thai Raksa Chart party poster

    Thai constitutional court accepts petition to dissolve Thai Raksa Chart party

    Thailand’s constitutional court on Thursday (Feb 14) accepted a petition to dissolve the political party that nominated a princess for prime ...
  7. Thailand is the first Southeast Asian country to legalise the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

    Promising or harmful? A debate ensues after Thailand legalises medical cannabis

    Is the tide of opinion turning? Is Southeast Asia becoming soft on the war on drugs? And what do the recent trends mean for Singapore? The ...