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    Russia to limit US military observation flights - RIA

  2. Donald Trump

    Trump signs US military defence bill worth nearly US$700b

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    US military says airstrikes kill five al Qaeda militants in Yemen

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    US military says no civilians killed in August Somalia raid

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    US military says conducted air strike against ISIS in Somalia

  6. This image released by the US Navy on November 12, 2017,

    Commentary: Dangerously overstretched, the awkward truth behind the US' show of force in Asia

    US forces may be stretched too thinly, even though Washington’s military capabilities still dwarf other countries’, says executive director at the ...
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    Niger deaths probe outcome expected in January - US military

  8. Pope Francis touches a grave before a Mass at the U.S. World War II cemetery on the day Christians

    Pope, at US military cemetery, makes emotional anti-war address

    Pope Francis made one of his most emotional anti-war addresses on Thursday, saying during a visit to a U.S. military cemetery that the world ...
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    US military says 'opting out' of some exercises following Gulf rift

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    US Military surgeons in Afghanistan treat civilian injuries