United Nations Security Council

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  1. People watch a television broadcast of a news report in Seoul on North Korea firing what appeared t

    UN council to meet on North Korea rights abuses, nuclear programme in December

    United Nations Security Council ministers will meet on Dec. 15 to discuss North Korea's nuclear and missiles programs and the body will also meet ...
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    France pushes UN to impose sanctions over Libya migrant crisis

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    France seeks UN Security Council meeting on migrants in Libya

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    Russia casts 10th UN veto on Syria action, blocking inquiry renewal

  5. UN Security Council

    Russia casts 10th UN veto on UN action on Syria

    Russia cast its 10th veto on Thursday of United Nations Security Council action on Syria since the war began in 2011, blocking a U.S.-drafted ...
  6. Photographers help a Rohingya refugee woman to come out of Naf river

    UN turns up pressure on Myanmar over Rohingya crisis

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    Syria calls on UN Security Council to condemn Israeli strikes

  8. A Secret Service Police officer stands on guard duty outside the White House as the sun rises, in W

    White House slams Russia over veto on Syria chemical weapons probe

    The White House admonished Russia on Wednesday after it vetoed a United Nations plan to continue an ongoing investigation that recently found ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: UN chemical weapons expert holds a plastic bag containing samples from one of the sites

    Russia vetoes extension of mission probing chemical weapons use in Syria

    Russia cast a veto at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday preventing the renewal of the mandate for a mission that investigates the use ...
  10. A poster of Saleh is seen on a door of a shop in an old quarter of Yemen's capital Sanaa

    Yemen's ex-president Saleh stable after Russian medics operate

    Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh has had a successful operation at a Sanaa hospital after a Russian medical team was flown in to perform ...