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  1. Powered by Facebook: President Donald Trump on the night of his 2016 election victory, which was

    Psychometrics: How Facebook data helped Trump find his voters

  2. U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee&apo

    Despite warning signs, Trump says Republicans can keep House

  3. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang claps hands as he delivers his speech during the opening session of the

    China urges US to not act 'emotionally' on trade

  4. Guantanamo

    US advancing toward first Guantanamo repatriation under Trump

  5. Saudi Prince Salman

    Ambitious Saudi prince mounts epic US charm offensive

  6. The major joint US and South Korea naval drill led by the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is set

    US and South Korea military exercises to start next month

  7. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Trump speaks about the Iran nuclear deal at the White House in Washington

    White House officials made to sign non-disclosure agreements: Report

  8. Airbags contain a chemical propellant which can inflate a bag within 0.0005 seconds

    US investigating deadly Hyundai, Kia airbag failures