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  1. SEAB 1

    From exam hall to Cambridge examiner: The journey your exam papers make

    Thousands of papers from national examinations are sent by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) to the UK for marking. Here’s ...
  2. stolen scripts jcs

    Stolen A-Level scripts: Affected students shocked, but happy with handling of incident

    While some said they would take the “rare second chance” to improve their A-Level grade by retaking the paper, others said they were content with ...
  3. SEAB 3

    A-Level Chemistry exam papers stolen, 238 students from 4 JCs affected

  4. A levels 1

    Emerging a victor in the A-Level exams despite battling lupus

    About six months before she was due to take her A-Level exams, Wee Han Jing’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. A month and a half later, she ...