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    Woman under investigation for claiming son was almost abducted

    The woman told police on Sunday (Nov 13) that an unknown man tried to abduct her five-year-old son while she was shopping at Bukit Panjang Plaza.
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    Crew of Vietnam ship abducted off Philippines: Govt

    The attack brings the number of people abducted from vessels in the region over the past week to at least eight, raising fears authorities are ...
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    Korean abducted in first Philippines cargo ship raid

    Suspected Islamist militants kidnapped the captain and a Filipino crew member on a South Korean cargo ship in the southern Philippines, the ...
  4. duterte, jokowi begin bilateral talks

    Indonesia, Philippines vow to tackle sea kidnappings

    At least 25 Indonesian sailors and a handful of Malaysians have been abducted this year travelling in the Sulu Sea between Indonesia, Malaysia and ...
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    IS abducts 2,000 civilians in north Syria

    Islamic State group fighters on Friday seized around 2,000 civilians as they fled the former extremist stronghold of Manbij in northern Syria, ...
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    Indonesian sailor kidnapped in Sulu Sea: Reports

    An Indonesian government official told online news portal detik.com on Sunday (Aug 7) that the sailor was the captain of a shrimp fishing vessel.