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  1. marriage holding hands

    More protection for victims abused by intimate partners: Shanmugam

  2. As scandals erupted in countries like the United States, Ireland or Australia, complaints in Spain

    Spanish victims of sex abuse priests speak out

    A trickle of accusations of sexual abuse against priests in schools and seminaries is starting to erode the wall of silence in Catholic Spain, ...
  3. Questions remain over Theodore McCarrick, including how he rose so high within the Church despite

    Vatican defrocks former US cardinal for sex abuse of minor

    Pope Francis has defrocked a former cardinal in a first for the Roman Catholic church over accusations American Theodore McCarrick sexually abused ...
  4. Day Care in Japan

    PM Abe vows to tackle growing child abuse in Japan

  5. (ll) Devika Satheesh

    Life after being molested as a child: Confusion, anger and forgiveness

    The legal process keeps track of what happens to a person who sexually abuses children, from the point of arrest to conviction and sentencing. But ...
  6. People presented by a legal team as survivors of clergy sex abuse hold a news conference in Chicago

    Illinois Church abuse survivors demand perpetrators' names

  7. Pope Francis has vowed to eradicate clerical extravagance in Vatican City

    Los Angeles bishop resigns over sex abuse as crisis spreads

  8. South Korean Olympic short track champion Shim Suk-hee told a court her coach had been beating her

    Tearful South Korean Olympic champion tells court of coach abuse

    Double Olympic gold medallist Shim Suk-hee broke down in tears as she told a South Korean court of the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of ...