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  1. Cayetano has welcomed a conciliatory message from Kuwait

    Philippines moves to halt Kuwait migrant row

    The Philippines on Tuesday welcomed an olive branch from Kuwait in a migrant labour row, days after its President Rodrigo Duterte announced a ...
  2. Minah kills elderly employer

    Maid who stabbed elderly employer to death gets 15 years' jail

    Minah got angry after her elderly employer repeatedly summoned her and nagged at her for taking too long to eat.
  3. Abusive marriage frightened woman

    Commentary: Abusive marriages and why it's so hard for women to 'just leave'

    Rob Porter's ex-wife Jennifer Willoughby wrote movingly about staying in an abusive relationship. Her experiences are echoed in studies of abused ...
  4. abandoned cats by rivervale crescent

    Woman fined S$2,000 for abandoning five cats at void deck

  5. child abuse file

    Maid jailed 8 months for hurting grandmother with Alzheimer’s

  6. Maid abuse Msia

    Indonesia mulls ban on sending maids to Malaysia: Report

  7. Louise Turpin appears in court for her arraignment with her lawyer Jeff Moore, in Riverside

    Starving California children taunted with pie, beaten by parents: Prosecutor

    The 13 children imprisoned for years by their parents in their squalid California home were beaten, shackled, starved and even taunted with food ...
  8. malaysia dog abuse

    Singaporean fined RM8,000 for abusing dog in Malaysia: Report