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  1. FILE PHOTO: Carl Icahn gives an interview on FOX Business Network's Neil Cavuto show in New Yo

    Coronavirus hurts corporate activism as M&A, buybacks decline

    Activist shareholders are likely to scale back campaigns in coming weeks as target companies brace for a deep recession and their favorite calls ...
  2. Woodstock producer Michael Lang poses during a photo exhibit that celebrates the 50th anniversary o

    Woodstock producer 'pretty bummed' at missed bid to recreate 1969 activism

    The man behind the failed Woodstock 50 anniversary festival said on Friday he was "pretty bummed" at losing out on a chance to encourage people to ...
  3. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Commentary: Why do vegans have such bad reputations?

    In the US, nearly half feel negatively towards vegetarians, according to one study.
  4. herd of brown and white cow in a farm

    Commentary: Eating less meat is a climate priority

    Two researchers from the University of Cambridge debunk claims that eating less meat has little impact on climate change.