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  1. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Commentary: Why do vegans have such bad reputations?

    In the US, nearly half feel negatively towards vegetarians, according to one study.
  2. herd of brown and white cow in a farm

    Commentary: Eating less meat is a climate priority

    Two researchers from the University of Cambridge debunk claims that eating less meat has little impact on climate change.
  3. American actress Amber Heard speaks about her human rights experiences in Geneva

    Actress Amber Heard says birth on US-Mexico border sparked rights activism

    U.S. actress Amber Heard, a star of the upcoming "Aquaman" superhero movie and a U.N. human rights champion, said on Monday her childhood in Texas ...
  4. Serena Williams

    Serena lauds Nike for Kaepernick campaign

  5. Eirliani Abdul Rahman

    Singaporean plans South Pole trek to raise child sexual abuse awareness

    If she succeeds in the 1,100km journey to the South Pole, former civil servant Eirliani Abdul Rahman will be the first woman in Singapore to ...