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  1. Virus Outbreak Overdose Deaths

    US overdose deaths appear to rise amid coronavirus pandemic

    US overdose deaths appear to rise amid coronavirus pandemic
  2. Hand washing bacteria soap 2

    Commentary: The coronavirus has made all of us OCD

    Since the start of the pandemic, it has become more challenging to assess behaviours that were once considered excessive, says a psychiatrist.
  3. A simulated individual counselling session. (Photo: We Care Community Services)

    ‘Not the same on Zoom’: For recovering addicts, why safe distancing could spell a relapse

    From traumatic flashbacks, to the overpowering urge for another hit, addicts share why they’re feeling the effects of physical isolation more than ...
  4. Phubbing social media smartphone (1)

    Commentary: Six signs of problematic smartphone usage common in children, young adults

    A quarter of children and young people show signs of problematic smartphone usage, say two experts.
  5. Sick day

    Commentary: The dark side of hangovers and why you should quit having one too many drinks

    Read what the science on Christmas binge drinking says. It's not a pretty sight, says Hal Sosabowski.
  6. Woman taking a photo with her smartphone

    Commentary: Should you get your teenager a smartphone for Christmas?

    Many worry about whether putting technology under the tree. But a smartphone may actually help your teenager develop closer relations with those ...
  7. Mobile phone smartphone addiction Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Digital stress - why it's time to change your relationship with your phone

    Too much time spent on your mobile devices can induce stress but, according to the University of Sydney's Brad Ridout, you don’t need to get rid ...
  8. Think you know your wife? Try buying her a present

    Commentary: Shopping addiction is a serious disorder

    But it is difficult to diagnose because people have symptoms of other disorders, such as eating disorders and substance abuse, says Cathrine ...
  9. Woman using her smartphone

    Commentary: Technostressed – how social media keeps us coming back for more even when it makes us unhappy

    Looking for a short-term fix from the very thing that is causing you long-term problems is a symptom of addiction, say three academics.
  10. gym can you exercise too much heart issues CNA Lifestyle

    Commentary: Exercise addiction, when life dangerously revolves around your fitness schedule

    A preoccupation with exercise can cause significant distress, say researchers Katinka van de Ven and Ornella Corazza.