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  1. gym can you exercise too much heart issues CNA Lifestyle

    Commentary: Exercise addiction, when life dangerously revolves around your fitness schedule

    A preoccupation with exercise can cause significant distress, say researchers Katinka van de Ven and Ornella Corazza.
  2. Tackling America’s opioid abuse epidemic | Video
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    Tackling America’s opioid abuse epidemic | Video

    Three drug manufacturers have lost a bid to delay a landmark trial set for May on the opioid abuse epidemic in the US. The multibillion-dollar ...
  3. man using phone

    Commentary: A digital detox is a solution looking for a problem

    Some studies have found complete withdrawal from social media can have adverse consequences.
  4. Danny Reagan sits in a common room at the Lindner Center of Hope in Mason

    The digital drug: Internet addiction spawns US treatment programs

    When Danny Reagan was 13, he began exhibiting signs of what doctors usually associate with drug addiction. He became agitated, secretive and ...
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    Commentary: Don't need to worry about screen time, it's how you use them that matters

    People are finding creative ways to use technology which have helped improved close relationships and their health, says one observer.
  6. Smartphone addiction

    Commentary: We have been phone snubbing people around us

    Boredom isn't the main reason why people 'phone snub' each other,, says one observer.
  7. FILE PHOTO: Affleck arrives at the European Premiere of Live by Night at the British Film Institute

    Ben Affleck, out of rehab, calls addiction a lifelong struggle

    Oscar winner Ben Affleck said on Thursday he had completed a 40-day residential alcohol rehab programme but said that battling addiction "is a ...
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    Commentary: Why excessive gaming is a mental health condition

    The World Health Organisation's recognition of gaming disorder as a mental health disorder paves the way for other Internet-related disorders to ...
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    No charges in Prince death after two-year probe