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  1. Smartphone addiction

    Commentary: We have been phone snubbing people around us

    Boredom isn't the main reason why people 'phone snub' each other,, says one observer.
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why excessive gaming is a mental health condition

    The World Health Organisation's recognition of gaming disorder as a mental health disorder paves the way for other Internet-related disorders to ...
  3. file photo phone woman 4

    Commentary: Why quitting smartphones is the new quitting smoking

    We need real rules to nudge people away from addiction to their devices, says the Financial Times' Hannah Kuchler.
  4. working office laptop smartphone woman typing

    Commentary: Personal Internet use at work makes life easier for hackers

    Surfing the Internet at work could expose your company to more cybersecurity risks, says one expert from De Montfort University.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Coffee, a health drink or an unhealthy addiction?

    Recent news reports suggest three cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away. Public health expert Rob M van Dam evaluates this theory, and ...
  6. aus drugs students 1

    ‘Everyone’s high - they gonna arrest everyone?’ Southeast Asian students and the lure of drugs in Australia

    In the second of two stories on Australia's drugs scene, Channel NewsAsia looks at the issue through the lens of the thousands of young students ...
  7. aus drugs town 1

    In this picturesque Australian seaside town, it’s ‘easier to get drugs delivered to your house than pizza’

    An escalating ice problem is “screwing lives up”, tearing families apart and generating crime in the sleepy, wealthy locality of Mornington.