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    Youth with chronic physical ailments more prone to mental illness

  2. File picture of women exercising in front of a trainer as the sun sets near Kensington Oval in Brid

    ADHD may be more common among elite athletes

  3. FILE PHOTO: Professor Vezzosi Director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci points to details on a

    Procrastinating genius: did da Vinci have attention disorder?

    Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci's litany of exquisite but unfinished work shows he probably had an attention disorder common to modern society.
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    Study bolsters link between prenatal nicotine exposure and ADHD

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    New app may improve ability to focus

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    Supernus Pharma's ADHD drug meets main goal in study on adolescents

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    Supernus Pharma's ADHD treatment succeeds in two late-stage studies