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  1. ong ye kung file

    Education system is going through an 'overwhelming adjustment': Ong Ye Kung

    Noting that no major fiscal shifts were announced in Budget 2017, Mr Ong likened the education system to a computer that remained unchanged, even ...
  2. private public housing Singapore

    Seller’s stamp duties cut as Government eases some property cooling measures

    The seller's stamp duties rate will be cut by four percentage points, with those selling properties in the first year to pay 12 per cent, down ...
  3. New Content Item

    Filing fees for patents to be lowered from April

    Fees for renewing patents and trade marks will, however, see an upward adjustment - the first in about a decade for trade marks - to discourage IP ...
  4. MRT gantry commuter

    Public Transport Council starts 2016 fare review exercise

    Train operators may submit fare adjustment applications to the The Public Transport Council by Oct 7.