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  1. Ireland publishes outcome of inquiry into church-run Mother and Baby Homes

    Irish PM sorry for 'profound wrong' of unwed mothers homes

    Ireland’s prime minster issued a formal state apology on Wednesday (Jan 13) to the thousands of unmarried women and their children who endured ...
  2. A shrine in Tuam commemorates up to 800 children who were allegedly buried at the site of a former

    9,000 died in Irish homes for 'illegitimate' infants

    About 9,000 children died in Ireland's "mother and baby homes", where unmarried mothers were routinely separated from their infant offspring, ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Same sex couple Adam Hanol and Marton Pal play with their four year old adopted son And

    Hungary amends constitution to redefine family, limits gay adoption

    Hungary amended the definition of family in its constitution Tuesday to allow an effective ban on adoption by same-sex couples, another win for ...
  4. Adoption advertisement on Facebook

    Facebook: An emerging black market for Philippines’ baby trade

    Commercial adoption of children is a crime in the Philippines. As criminals continue to evade detection, a new platform for the illegal trade has ...
  5. A mother hold a baby in a park

    ‘It’s not that I want to sell my kid. I just need money’: The Philippine mothers who sell their babies

    In the Philippines, some new mothers who feel they cannot raise their own babies sell them in the illegal trade of child adoption.
  6. A Filipino infant in his mother's arms

    Babies for sale: An investigation into the Philippines’ adoption trade

    In the Philippines, newborn children are traded under the guise of 'adoption'.
  7. hands of father and baby, black and white

    Gay father permitted to adopt biological son born via surrogacy, in first for Singapore

    Despite public policy in favour of parenthood within marriage - and against the formation of same-sex units - the court decided it would be ...
  8. Asia Default Image

    Unwanted or too costly to support, disabled children are abandoned at China's orphanages

    Some 900,000 children with disabilities are born in China each year, but the country has little social security for the disabled. Get Real looks ...