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  1. FILE PHOTO: A mockup of the Gulfstream G700 is unveiled during a news conference at the National Bu

    General Dynamics profit rises 7.3per cent on higher Gulfstream deliveries

    Higher deliveries of Gulfstream jets boosted revenue at U.S. aerospace and defense company General Dynamics Corp , which reported a 7.3per cent ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: A U.S. flag is seen during an Airbus news conference in Mobile, Alabama

    Airbus plant in Alabama spared fallout from US tariffs

    Alabama aerospace workers won an unexpected reprieve from escalating trade tensions on Wednesday when the United States spared an Airbus plant in ...
  3. SP aerospace student Sim Jia Ren

    SP aerospace student overcomes gender stereotypes, 'terrible maths' as she aims for the skies

    Ms Sim Jia Ren, who caught the eye after her team came in third at an Airbus competition, also hopes more girls who have the interest will join ...