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  1. More homeless Americans living in their cars | Video
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    More homeless Americans living in their cars | Video

    In many US cities, rising rental costs and a lack of affordable housing have led to a rise in homelessness. This includes a growing number of ...
  2. Sultan Ibrahim Dream House

    Johor sultan to build affordable bungalows for lower-income families

    Priced just below RM100,000 each, the bungalows are Sultan Ibrahim's gift to the people in conjunction with his 59th birthday, he said.
  3. (pp) PP Architect

    ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: ‘Give Phnom Penh a new face' - Young Cambodian dreams of architectural revolution

    “My dream is to be part of a new wave that is changing the face of Phnom Penh.”
  4. (pp) PP Housing 1

    ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Phnom Penh's development offers uncertain future for the urban poor

    As Phnom Penh grows and develops, poorer residents are running out of room as big development projects replace the places they call home.