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  1. African swine fever, fatal to wild boar and pigs but harmless to humans, has cut a swathe through

    Malaysia warns farmers not to cover up African swine fever cases

  2. African swine fever is not harmful to humans but can be fatal to pigs - and potentially harmful to

    China bans pig imports from Laos due to African Swine fever

  3. FILE PHOTO: Pigs are seen on the farm of pig farmer Han Yi at a village in Changtu

    Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for years

  4. New Content Item

    UK institute, Belgian firm team up for African swine fever treatment

  5. Pork displayed at a market in Hanoi

    Vietnam swine fever cull surges, 1.7 million pigs dead

  6. African swine fever

    Pork prices remain stable in Singapore amid swine fever outbreak in China

    Observers and consumers say that they have not seen an increase in pork prices in Singapore.