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  1. Elderly. File photo TODAY

    Commentary: The hidden dividends of a longer life

    Most worry about the burden of longer life, but an ageing population could boost worker productivity, says one organisation behaviour expert.
  2. Lien Salzgitter Centre 21

    'It's like I’m part of life again’: The magic when seniors and kids do daycare together

    As Singapore starts to co-locate care centres for the elderly and children, CNA Insider visits a groundbreaking project in Germany that has gone ...
  3. Brain headache

    Commentary: Memory loss, a growing concern among young people

    The young are as concerned as the old about losing their memory, but for most people, it's nothing to worry about as it's just distractions and ...
  4. Germany Arnsberg clinic clowns

    The town that’s embracing dementia and fighting back, together

    From clowns and youths to caregivers, the folks of Arnsberg – where 1 in 5 residents is over 65 – show what social inclusiveness can do in the ...
  5. South Korea's fertility rate -- an average number of babies women are expected to have in their

    Commentary: Dear South Korea, please don't give up on having more babies

    South Korea's ageing population and its plunging birth rates, when combined, are giving the country a massive demographic headache, says one observer.
  6. Japan elderly woman

    Commentary: Disease, isolation and neglect, the aged lives of quiet desperation you don't see

    Is living past the age of 80 a success or fail? One observer discusses the darker side of ageing.
  7. DFM instagram seniors cedric and granddaughters

    The loneliness of old age - and an experiment to see if Instagram can be a cure

    One lonely cancer patient wanted friends to know she was “still here”; a former sprinter didn’t know how to interest his grandchildren in his ...
  8.  A woman during a yoga class.

    Studies show that exercise makes the ageing heart more youthful

    Even if you have neglected to exercise in recent years and are now middle-aged, it is not too late.
  9. Security guard Singapore

    Commentary: People ready to retire later but preparing older workers will require more than reskilling

    Advanced economies like Singapore can reap a longevity dividend if it can move beyond reskilling efforts, say two experts.