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  1. Why it's good to be old even in a pandemic HERO

    Health expert: 'Older people are better positioned to cope with stresses, including this pandemic'

    That ageing can make us better than ever may be the biggest dirty little secret of all time.
  2. stock elderly 03

    Commentary: COVID-19 - an ageing world makes it harder to fight pandemics

    With greater life expectancy now than before, it has become more expensive to fight an outbreak, says Andrew Scott.
  3. China COVID-19

    Commentary: Four ways seniors can stay connected during COVID-19

    Along with the risk of coronavirus infection comes the risk of social isolation, says an observer.
  4. Central Bank Action
    Media playtime

    Ep 43: Central Bank Action

    What is being done to prevent a credit crunch during the COVID-19 pandemic? Getting creative with supply chains after the coronavirus disruptions.
  5. Asian markets

    Commentary: A combination of four big disruptive trends await political and business leaders

    The world is in a period of accelerating change, as seen in the growing list of developments that have gone from impossible to inevitable, says an ...
  6. Each year, up to 75 bodies go unclaimed in Singapore.

    When someone dies alone in Singapore, this is what happens

    With more and more Singaporeans living by themselves, could they be at risk of dying without anyone knowing? Can anything be done about it?
  7. Man doing bicep curls with weights

    Keeping ageing muscles fit is tied to better heart health later

    For men at least, entering middle age with plenty of muscle may lower the later risk of developing heart disease by more than 80 per cent.
  8. older workers

    Commentary: Companies are behind the curve in dealing with older employees

    With the ratio of those over-65 to working adults in OECD countries expected to surge, firms need new options in engaging older employees while ...
  9. senior citizens doing taichi

    Commentary: Why you should not stop exercising even in your 60s and beyond

    Whatever your state of health or fitness, it is still possible to be more physically active, says Julie Broderick.
  10. family christmas meal

    Commentary: Ask seniors with dementia about past holidays. It could trigger happy memories

    Family members can connect with their loved ones with dementia by encouraging them to discuss memories across their lifespan, say two experts.