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  1. senior citizens doing taichi

    Commentary: Why you should not stop exercising even in your 60s and beyond

    Whatever your state of health or fitness, it is still possible to be more physically active, says Julie Broderick.
  2. family christmas meal

    Commentary: Ask seniors with dementia about past holidays. It could trigger happy memories

    Family members can connect with their loved ones with dementia by encouraging them to discuss memories across their lifespan, say two experts.
  3. Ageing successfully by keeping active and rethinking work | Video
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    Ageing successfully by keeping active and rethinking work | Video

    As Singaporeans live longer, planning for life after retirement is key to successful ageing. From keeping active through volunteering or seeking ...
  4. An elderly man running

    Want to feel 25 again? Exercise may fight ageing

    The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.
  5. Frailty age related muscle loss seniors weights training dumbbells

    Commentary: High-intensity exercise does more than improve your fitness

    Exercises helps the brain grow new neurons in the hippocampus, which improves memory, says an expert.
  6. OK, boomer screengrab

    Commentary: It's not okay to say 'OK boomer'

    When I was an employment lawyer, I heard tons of hilarious stories of things people said in the workplace, says University of Oregon's Elizabeth C ...
  7. One of the world's most rapidly ageing and long-lived societies, Japan is at the forefront of

    Commentary: Japan’s ageing social recluses need more love and understanding

    The growing number of social recluses - or Hikikomori - is one of the most serious social problems facing Japan, says Yuka Hasegawa.
  8. woman-between-men-facing-mountains-1255062

    Friendships have a bigger impact on your health than romantic relationships

    Here another reason to treasure your friends: You'll live longer. That's according to multiple studies around the world. Time to call your army ...
  9. Elderly couple holding hands

    Commentary: When memory fails in old age - the fight for independence, well-being shouldn’t be a lonely one

    Comprehensive dementia care requires an integration of community and home-based support, say Duke NUS Medical School’s Centre for Ageing Research ...
  10. old elderly woman

    Commentary: Living with dementia, anguish and guilt plague families caring for loved ones

    Families often learn to adapt to new physical needs, but are ill-equipped to deal with the emotional resolve the condition demands, says Melissa ...