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  1. File picture of older workers

    Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

    At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers are worth less.
  2. elderly woman senior citizen singapore file photo

    Commentary: It is high time for a Ministry on Ageing Issues

    Such a ministry can bring into sharper focus the concerns, challenges and aspirations of seniors, says SUSS’ Dr Helen Ko.
  3. Japan's Demographic Time Bomb
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    Ep 15: Japan's Demographic Time Bomb

    Japan tackles traditional values to deal with a labour shortage, sparked by rapidly decreasing birth rates and an ageing society.
  4. China's National Bureau of Statistics is expected to release official total birth figures for

    Commentary: Who does more housework may shape whether couples have a second child

    Gender inequality is contributing to low fertility, particularly in East Asian countries, says Mary C Brinton at Harvard University.
  5. Japan salarymen

    Commentary: The low-growth trap Japan is stuck in is spreading across the world

    We must recognise that the hurdles are a lot less technical, and a lot more political, says Mohamed A El-Erian
  6. The case follows the announcement that Dutch authorities are prosecuting a doctor for euthanising an

    Commentary: Caregivers are getting some support but deserve more care

    Consider how financial payments for family care can address the economic consequences of family caregiving, and how their impact can be maximised ...
  7. stock elderly 01

    New S$200 monthly grant to offset costs of long-term caregiving by end-2019: MOH

  8. FILE PHOTO: A retired couple sits on a bench in Enghien-les-Bains

    As we age, sexual activity still important for wellbeing

    The benefits of a healthy sex life aren't limited to young adults, according to a UK study that found intimacy and sexual activity are important ...
  9. Woman running (1)

    Put on your running shoes: Aerobic exercise like jogging could be key to successful ageing

    Research found that aerobic activities like jogging and interval training can make cells biologically younger but not weight training.
  10. Elderly and middle-aged people exercise with wooden dumbbells during a health promotion event to ma

    Commentary: Leading longer lives but are we still ageist?

    Throughout the world, healthy ageing is becoming a new norm, researchers say, yet many still hold stereotypical views of ageing and see older ...