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  1. stock elderly 03

    Government looking at grants for caregivers to the elderly to boost support for community care

  2. Elderly driver Singapore

    Commentary: If more work in old age, how relevant is the retirement age?

    Prudential's move to do away with the retirement age should spark off a discussion about how relevant the retirement age is, say two business ...
  3. Japan has announced plans to ease immigration restrictions and bring in more foreign workers to

    Commentary: Genuine immigration reform still alien to Japan

    Japan will have real reason to be anxious if it continues to fudge immigration reform, says Tsuda University's Chris Burgess.
  4. TP dementia 3

    Commentary: Hard to grapple with dementia when early signs are often neglected

    Most people with the illness don't get medical attention because they are not aware that they even have a problem, says one expert at the ...
  5. Distinctive HDBs (4)

    Commentary: Can shifting the emphasis to renting help solve Singapore’s public housing puzzle?

    Finite leases and the use of CPF for housing may mean inadequate retirement income for Singaporeans. What Singapore needs is a broader discussion ...
  6. Japan dementia

    Commentary: Dementia caregivers put on a brave front – while watching loved ones fade away

    Behind every person that suffers from dementia are the caregivers whose hard work needed round the clock can have psychosocial and physical health ...
  7. Elderly patient

    Commentary: Starting ElderShield at 30? We can do better than that

    ElderShield coverage must benefit the elderly poor and those who suffer from dementia, says an observer from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.
  8. Japan elderly coder

    Commentary: Growing old is not a slow march toward obscurity

    As life expectancy soars, retirement cannot be a perpetual holiday after years of work, says the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre’s CEO.
  9. sleepless business acupuncture

    Commentary: Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians must safeguard the industry’s reputation

    Where cases of malpractice arise among the TCM community, the greatest cost is borne not by the doctor but by the TCM industry as a whole, says ...