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  1. Deciphering Japan_CNA_Ageing Society
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    Ep 3: Ageing Society

    Japan famously has one of the highest life expectancies in the world but its birth rate is also at an all time low, leaving the future of the ...
  2. Duke-NUS: Enabling smart ageing through big data

    Enabling smart ageing through big data

    A new tech tool developed in Duke-NUS Medical School harnesses electronic medical records to meet the healthcare needs of Singapore’s ageing ...
  3. elderly woman senior citizen singapore file photo

    Commentary: It is high time for a Ministry on Ageing Issues

    Such a ministry can bring into sharper focus the concerns, challenges and aspirations of seniors, says SUSS’ Dr Helen Ko.
  4. China elderly

    Commentary: China’s chief conundrum - how to look after the world’s fastest ageing population

    Without a baby boom, China is heading towards an economic stall, says China commentator Tom McGregor. Still, automation may be a solution.
  5. rougai elderly japan

    Commentary: In Japan, the old are harassing the young

    Rougai, a term meaning an annoying old person, reflects Japan's ageing population woes keenly felt by the young, says the Financial Times' Leo Lewis.
  6. Japan salarymen

    Commentary: The low-growth trap Japan is stuck in is spreading across the world

    We must recognise that the hurdles are a lot less technical, and a lot more political, says Mohamed A El-Erian