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  1. Commentary: Growing old is not a slow march toward obscurity

    As life expectancy soars, retirement cannot be a perpetual holiday after years of work, says the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre’s CEO.
  2. Commentary: Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians must safeguard the industry’s reputation

    Where cases of malpractice arise among the TCM community, the greatest cost is borne not by the doctor but by the TCM industry as a whole, says ...
  3. On The Job as a geriatric nurse: Bleak at times, mostly draining, but ultimately fulfilling

    In a new series in which Channel NewsAsia journalists try working in some of Singapore’s essential but undervalued jobs, Justin Ong dons the blue ...
  4. Commentary: Can Japan accept itself as a nation of immigrants?

    Japan needs to cultivate constructive national debate on immigration to combat its shrinking labour force and ageing population, says a professor ...
  5. Solving Japan's ageing population woes with robots

  6. Fewer youths donating blood in Singapore amid growing demand

    The number of youth donors decreased by 13 per cent between 2012 and 2016, says the Health Sciences Authority.
  7. Commentary: Three lessons learned caring for seniors as Singapore's population ages

    It’s not writing national policy or setting aside funds that will make the sum difference in caring for our seniors, much as these are needed, ...
  8. Commentary: While frail and in poor health, Myanmar elderly benefit from strong family support

    To manage the effects of Myanmar's ageing population, assistance should be focussed on aiding poor households and investing in community-based ...
  9. S'pore third largest silver industry market potential in Asia

    Singapore has been ranked third out of 15 Asia-Pacific countries by the first Silver Economy Index, which measures silver industry market potential.
  10. Silver tsunami & dwindling workforce can destabilise economies: Lee Yi Shyan

    Senior Minister of State for National Development and Trade & Industry Lee Yi-Shyan has painted a sobering picture of an ageing population and ...