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  1. Workers' Party AHTC trial

    AHTC trial: Defendants used residents' hard-earned money to improve political standing, claims Davinder Singh

  2. AHTC today file

    AHTC trial: Law firm Shook Lin & Bok to submit bill to town council

  3. Mr Pritam Singh arriving in court on Oct 25

    AHTC trial: WP’s Pritam Singh spars with PRPTC lawyer on managing agent tender waiver

    The Workers’ Party chief took the witness stand for the first time, but the exchange with Senior Counsel Davinder Singh was mostly cordial and, ...
  4. Workers' Party AHTC trial

    Workers’ Party MPs appeal for help with legal fees

  5. AHTC trial

    Sylvia Lim gave FMSS 'insider information' to help company in tender bid: Davinder Singh

    The tender process for a managing agent contract was, lawyer for PRPTC Davinder Singh charged, a “charade”, where Ms Lim had “colluded” with FMSS ...