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  1. A Ukrainian serviceman fires at Russia-backed separatists during night combat on the front line near

    IMF and Ukraine reach tentative US$5.5 billion aid deal

    The International Monetary Fund said Saturday (Dec 7) it had reached an agreement in principle with Ukraine on a new US$5.5 billion, three-year ...
  2. Zimbabwe rural area drought

    UN to deliver food aid to 4.1 million hungry in Zimbabwe

  3. New Content Item

    UN, Palestinians launch aid appeal after funding cuts

  4. Priti Patel

    UK aid minister Patel resigns over Israel meetings

  5. RSAF KC-135R Cox's Bazar

    SAF sends S$270,000 of aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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    UN chief says suspected chemical attack shows 'war crimes' in Syria

    UN chief Antonio Guterres said the UN wanted to establish accountability for such crimes and he was "confident the UN Security Countil will live ...