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  1. AIDS conference

    Drug-fuelled HIV surge raises concerns at AIDS meeting

  2. Carolina del Real

    Chile's new sexual freedom leads to AIDS spike

  3. file photo man swabbing mouth

    Concerned about HIV infection? Think twice before buying a self-test kit online

    Dangers include lack of counselling, and no way to check accuracy or interpretation of test results
  4. draw blood hiv test

    361 new cases of HIV reported between Jan and Oct: MOH

  5. A nurse tests a blood sample during a free HIV test at a blood tests party, part of a campaign to p

    Scientists find way to make cells resistant to HIV

    The method, considered a new approach, is a form of “cellular vaccination” which is meant to provide long term protection.
  6. sleepless singapore afp 1

    Rise and… sigh? Being sleepless is big business in Singapore

    This year, sales of sleep aids have reached S$1.3 million while Western and alternative treatment clinics alike have seen 20 to 30 per cent spikes ...
  7. New Content Item

    Debate pitfalls and hurdles for Clinton, Trump

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can expect tough questions during their first presidential debate Monday (Sep 26) night on the blunders and ...