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  1. Air Canada signage is pictured at Vancouver's international airport in Richmond,

    Air Canada targets EBITDA margins of 19-22 percent

    Air Canada on Thursday forecast margins on core earnings (EBITDA) of 19 percent to 22 percent for the next three years and for the same period ...
  2. Air Canada planes on tarmac

    Mobile phone catches fire onboard Canada flight

  3. San Francisco airport tower

    Air Canada plane lands despite being told 6 times to abort landing

    The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why an Air Canada passenger plane failed to abort its landing despite repeated orders by air ...
  4. Halifax airport

    Canada telecoms outage wreaks havoc at airports

  5. New Content Item

    SIA hit with S$112m EU fine

    The European Commission re-imposed the penalties after Europe's second-highest court in 2015 annulled the EU executive's 2010 decision due to a ...