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  1. Map of Afghanistan locating Kunduz, where at least 13 civilians were killed in air strike by

    Air strike killed 13 civilians, mostly children, in Afghanistan: UN

    At least 13 civilians were killed, mostly children, in an air strike by "international forces" in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz late last ...
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    Saudi-led coalition launches air strikes on Yemeni capital

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    US says its air strike kills 52 militants who attacked Somali base

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    US-led coalition reports recent air strikes on ISIS in Syria

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    US says air strikes killed 62 militants in Somalia

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    Iraq summons Turkish envoy over air strikes - foreign ministry

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    Libyans protest against US air strike in southern Libya

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    Iraq launches air strikes against Islamic State in Syria

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    Turkish air strikes kill 19 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq