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  1. A customer has her hair done at a hairdressing salon in Vienna

    Hairdressers' skin damaged by hair dyes

    Hairdressers may have skin damage from a hair dye ingredient even when they don't have dermatitis, or rashes, from this exposure, a small lab ...
  2. Platelet transfusion at TTSH

    Not all dengue patients with low platelet count need transfusions: Study

    Only about 5 per cent of dengue patients face complications such as severe bleeding and thus will require transfusions. Findings from the study ...
  3. File photo shows a dentist using a drill

    Dentist fined for wrongly prescribing drug that caused allergic reaction

    Dr Yee Ying Choon pleaded guilty to gross negligence amounting to professional misconduct.
  4. Peanut allergy write 1

    Programme to treat children with allergies to include milk, more nuts

    The Food Oral Immunotherapy programme - said to be the first in Singapore - helps children with persistent food allergies to build up their ...